Complete Course Standard Package With Unlimited Essay Submissions


Six Detailed Essay Critiques

This package includes AmeriBar's Complete Course (see Complete Course information for complete contents) plus one weekly detailed essay critique for six weeks (a total of six essay critiques).  It includes everything needed to pass the bar exam plus interactivity.  The program starts approximately seven weeks prior to the bar exam and students will be notified by email of their assignments.  Students must complete the weekly assigned essay and fax or email their answer by Thursday at 8PM ET/5PM PT.  Within three business days of the due date, the student will be emailed a detailed written critique of the essay answer.  The schedule for the upcoming exam is as follows:

Due Date Essay #1-    June 12, 2014
Due Date Essay #2-    June 19, 2014
Due Date Essay #3-    June 26, 2014
Due Date Essay #4-    July 3, 2014
Due Date Essay #5-    July 10, 2014
Due Date Essay #6-    July 17, 2014


This package has been made available because prior students have demonstrated a demand for this service.  If additional critiques are required, students can purchase them for an added cost. 


Unlimited Essay Submissions


Students may, after receiving their first weekly detailed essay critique, submit an unlimited number of essays chosen from their state essay book for grading.  You must wait until you have received at least one fully critiqued essay before you submit unlimited essays so you can apply the techniques and skills you learn from your critiqued essay.  These essays will be graded in a format that identifies deficiencies and makes suggestions to improve the essay.  Unlimited essays must be submitted between the due dates of Essays #1 and #6 and AmeriBar reserves the right to reject essays it believes are submitted by third parties.  Essay critiques are a cost-effective method for obtaining feedback regarding a student's preparation progression. 


If a student is interested in more interactivity, a tutoring package or the platinum course package may be appropriate.


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